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Experienced writer, a best-selling novelist with a successful personal column and a past writing career for Israeli TV.

In early years of Sari's career, she was a writer for Israeli comedy shows, and a content editor for a major production company, creating creative briefs, synopsis, episodes for tv series and pitching to broadcasters.

Sari's diverse origins are greatly manifested in her art. In her writing, she pays tribute to the remarkable women of her personal history. She explores social life critically with a humorous and optimistic outlook.


"You Better Sit Down" is a novel published by Modan publishing house. The book has been in the best-sellers list from the first week it came out and was just printed in a fourth edition. It is a comic novel which one can define as a "coming-of-age-a-little-to-late" fiction novel. 

The book tells the story of Daphne, a 29-year-old woman who hasn't yet decided what she wants to do when she'll grow up. In fact, she still hasn't decided what she wants to do tomorrow. When her regal British grandmother, Mrs. Eileen Rosenfield, gets run over by a car, unluckily for her, Daphne is the only one who can come to her rescue. In the orthopedic unit of the hospital, two very different women need to deal with their new situation. Witty and posh Grandma Eileen must lie in a dull hospital gown with two broken legs, while Daphne, the world champion of slouching-on-a-couch must deal with her life, preferably while standing up strait. 

The characters in Daphne's world include an extremely neurotic ex-boyfriend, two best girlfriends who have long ago found their life purpose, a mother with a hotter sex life than she'll ever have, a pompous and successful twin brother, and of course, Grandma Eileen, who can spin the whole world around her finger, while drinking a nice cup of tea.

Moving and full of humor, and mostly incredibly fun… Like any other intelligent humor, it is draped around serious topics: old age, identity, personal connection and more… underneath the witty and funny writing lay characters and a novel that have a lot to say.

Shlomit Lica, literature blogger

Alfi-Nissan writes with humor and witty. Her characters are funny yet real and identifiable. Daphne truly touched my heart.

The book whisperer

A book that made me burst laughing, shed a tear and mostly feel good with myself. I'm human. It's rare for someone to write as if the words were taken strait from your brain. True inspiration."

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