Sari was chosen as the most intriguing artist

of the year in Yediot newspaper. The critic wrote: 

"Alfi is not afraid to take risks that create unique music that grabs your ear and your heart and shows how talented she really is. It's been a while since we've had a singer with a different sound who pays tribute to her Iraqi heritage and wraps it all into a delightful package. Sari proves that when you dare to step out of the lines, you can be truly extraordinary". 

"It has been a while since I came across such an accurate, bold and uncompromising album like Sari's "Yamim Hamim".  Sari pushed her creativity to the max & created something completely unique in the Israeli music scene. Sari fuses together the Iraqi authenticity with contemporary Israel in an impressive way. The different textures of "Yamim Hamim" make it into a dynamic and interesting project. It is a different and intriguing album that draws the listener to enjoy time after time".

Shahar Amano, Yediot Aharonot. 

"In an album that is of musical innovation, Sari takes the rich and diverse musical elements of Israel, which only existed in the sidelines of the music scene, and turns it in to a desired mainstream product. Every song is filled with different and unique colors, every text is deep and penetrates the depth of the soul and the combinations of artists from different cultures creates a one-time experience",

 "New & refreshing sound in Israeli Music".

Dudi Patimer, Nana10. 

"Sari Alfi is a refreshing surprise with a fresh and exciting debut album that she wrote and composed. a special combination of Hebrew and Arabic, rock and electronic and a lot of soul and oriental sounds.Everything sounds very authentic yet new, with the warm and intelligent arrangements of Roy Sela. It is so exciting to come across such music and fall in love with it, with no prior expectations".

Yoav Kutner, Galey Tzahal Radio. 

"With a multicultural background, Alfi intertwines her ethnic roots to create her art. In her new album, Yamim Hamim, produced by Roy Sela, Alfi blends authentic Babylonian melodies with contemporary Western music. She writes and composes all her own music and lyrics…. By using more traditional musicians, she gives Iraqi culture a modern twist with edgy electronic beats."

Allie Freedman, Jerusalem Post.

"Sari Alfi is coming out with a new album that is the essence of the new Middle-East. Sari Alfi, the young and rebellious of the Alfi family, combines in her album electronic music with Hebrew and Arabic". 

Jonathan Riger, Channel 2 News.

"Sari has done intensive work; she wrote and composed a beautiful song which combines digital sound with Iraqi music". 

Raz Shehnic, Yediot Aharonot.

"Talented singer, outstanding artist, that combines in her music, in her new wonderful song, ethnic and technological elements".

Ofer Domingez, Tel-Aviv Radio.