Sari Alfi is an Israeli Singer/Songwriter.

As a daughter of Iraqi and British parents who immigrated to Israel, Sari's diverse origins are greatly manifested in her music. Her music transcends borders, generations and cultures.


'Yamim Hamim' ('Warm Days'), is Sari's unique and innovative Electro-Iraqi music project. It is an oriental-electronic fusion of traditional Iraqi music with edgy electronic beats. Sari writes and composes her music, inspired by Iraqi traditional songs sang to her by her father and grandmother. Sari's lyrics of Hebrew, Arabic and English are both intimate and universal, as she talks of forbidden love, desires, obsessions and the shadows we cast upon ourselves as individuals and as peoples.


In her album & performances, Sari features superb musicians from around the world. Sari's album brings together Jews, Christians and Muslims of various origins to speak the language of music. She has also collaborated with former 'Sugababes' lead singer Mutia Bueana in the cover album 'The Sound of Camden' produced by Roy Sela who is also the musical producer of 'Yamim Hamim'.


Sari's performance is uplifting, moving and inspiring, as she brings to the stage the joyful sound of Middle-Eastern music in a contemporary invigorating sound. Beside her on stage, talented musicians on keyboard, guitar and an electronic set as well as an oriental band of traditional Middle-Eastern instruments: oud, violin, darbuka and percussions.


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